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There are a lot of occurence in this world we cannot explain. Some may have not encounter any, and some may use their extrasensory perception (with or without their knowledge) to experience things that are hidden from normal senses.

In this eBook, Psychic Debbie shares different stories she encountered since her childhood. Read on to get entertained and spooked!
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What's Inside
Discover Debbie's spooky adventure since she was a child

The Halloween Spirit

One Halloween night, Psychic Debbie was left alone in her friend’s house, where she has encountered an unexpected trick or treater. Who could it be? 

The Confused Ghost

Psychic Debbie rented out a bedroom from a widow, where she was confronted by a puzzled ghost. Is it possible for a ghost to get curious and ask a living?

The Apartment

Unusual things happen in the apartment Psychic Debbie is renting - moving furniture, strange sounds. Does these meant harm or just want to show them the existence of an unseen presence?

The Helpful Spirit

Kids sometimes tend to have imaginary friends, especially while playing. But who could have thought that an imaginary friend can save your life?
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